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New Zealand is one among the best place to study MS, MBA Etc. Our Education Consultancy will guide you the entire process till you get visa to study in New Zealand. Gautham Overseas is named as the best New Zealand Education Consultants in Hyderabad, India with 100% visa success rate.

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most prestigious and internationally renowned Universities and Private Education Providers in the world. With having many research-led universities under its sleeve New Zealand is very well established in the international education space around the world. Universities undertake pioneering research in many fields and their discoveries and academics are in great demand right across the globe. All the Eight Universities in NZ are ranked within the top 3% in the world and they have been able to achieve this ranking purely due to their rigorous quality assurance system and zero tolerance to non-genuine education which ensure the integrity of a degrees achieved from New Zealand. New Zealand graduates get hands on experience with their learning and during the course of their education they develop critical thinking skills, high employability, communication skills, asset for their employers, just to name a few.

The education system of New Zealand is regulated with a very firm quality assurance systems that spans across the board. It also helps creates a consistency that gives you flexibility to make your choice of the institution you want to study, the city or the town that interests you the most. Make sure you assess all the details about the quality education. Universities are quality assured by Universities New Zealand. It's responsible for monitoring and maintaining standards and approving the qualifications of each university.

All New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics are also state-owned. These, along with private training providers such as English language schools must comply with strict guidelines from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). NZQA regularly reviews all the providers and the individual institution reports that are available. It is a must that you look for a proof that asserts you that the school that you're considering is NZQA registered and that the specific programme choice is approved. Take into account the teaching standards, ensure that they are high and with small class sizes. When you study with less students in class you enjoy high levels of individual attention.

The New Zealand education system is the one that ranks as number 7 globally, which means it is better than many OECD countries. As a part of former British colony, the New Zealand education system is the one that is strongly based on the European system that come with some minor differences. Primary school lasts for six years with students often starting at 5 years of age. Intermediate school is years 7 to 8 and secondary school incorporates years 9 to 13. The naming of these divisions may differ depending on what portions of the education systems are offered at a particular school. School is compulsory until the age of 16 (year 11), and state financed. As in other parts of the world private schools are available, but require 70% of the school fees to be paid by the student’s family.

New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities. They each offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree in a variety choice of subjects and have strengths in specialized professional degrees. All of them are well recognized internationally.

Besides postgraduate studies and research, further education also includes higher and vocational degree’s. Courses range from programs to help students into work, to certificates and diplomas. Full and part time distance learning options are available. New Zealand’s education system is the one that reflects their unique and diverse society, it is open to the ideas and works of different abilities, religious beliefs, about teaching and learning. New Zealand Education Consultants in Hyderabad help the students who wish to study abroad.

An education in the United Kingdom means the opportunity to explore this lively centre of culture, traverse its serene landscapes and imbibe its ancient heritage. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all enticing destinations in their own right - from the glittering nerve centre of London to the gritty charm of Glasgow, the craggy peaks of Snowdonia to the green slopes of Northern Ireland, this historic state is packed with opportunity. What's more, the extensive transport network of this compact nation means that you are never far from the next city, landmark or pub. Read about the various other different types of higher education offered in the United Kingdom, as well as some other important details that you must consider to take into notice during your preparations for studying abroad. The UK education consultants in Hyderabad are the ones to help you sail through the complex decisions of choosing which course, or university to apply.

International students from outside the UK or EU must apply for a student visa to study in the UK. You can only apply for a student visa if you opt for a full-time university degree course in the UK. Student visas are not issued for part-time courses. Your eligibility is calculated by using a points-based rules system which is called a Tier 4 Student Visa.

You will be guided for all the requirements needed to apply the visa at Gautham Overseas. Our team will help the student to meet the visa requirements and guide them throughout the process.